Sunday, September 12, 2010

NOELLE HAMPTON at Momo's 8-31-10

I'm getting so far behind on this blog I think it's about time to give it up.  If I don't write about a show right away,   I struggle with remembering the important details.  To continue writing it/she/he/they are good, go see them, is boring and I know it.
That said, if you live in Austin and haven't seen Noelle, you're missing the boat.  She writes good songs, some catchy, some bouncy, some heart breakers, some rockers, some ballads...really mixes it up.  Great voice.  And her band is cool.  Her husband, the lead guitarist, has a unique kind of sound, I think.  He just slips in and out of the spaces but when he wants to wail, like he did on this night to "Thin Line," it is a sight and sound to behold.
This was an early show, 6:30pm at Momo's on a Tuesday night, and she filled all the tables and had a very nice crowd.  Usually, these shows attract about 8 people.  Testament to how good she is.  Think it was a $5 cover.  Too cheap for that kind of talent.  Plus, the AC was out.  It was very hot and they still put on a heckuva show.

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