Sunday, September 12, 2010

RAY BONNEVILLE at Cactus Cafe 9-11-10

Saw Ray about a month or so ago at the Cactus and he knocked me out so definitely had to go back for more.
Different show on this night as, instead of solo, he had Mike Meadows on percussion.  Also brought Jess Klein up for several songs in the second set.  It was another good show.  The guy has that bluesy, swampy style I love.  Writes great songs, love his voice, phrasing and guitar picking.  Different.  Plus, that harmonica.  Ray doesn't sound like anybody else.  No mistaking him.  Mike on his Black Swan drum is a sight to see.  Fascinating to watch, really.  How he chooses which foot, sound, hand, shaker and everything else to use, is beyond me but it is something to see.  Jess sounds great with Ray.  Truthfully, she sounds great with whomever she sings with.  They were fantastic on his "The Big Easy."  Show was free which is ridiculous.  I sure hope the tip jar was good to him.  Had a pretty good crowd considering it was a UT football night.  The streets were deserted but there were enough of us non-fanatics and we filled the room.  This town is tough.  Not only football to compete with but Leon Russell was at Threadgill's, Kevin Russell (The Gourds) was at Wyldwood House Concerts.  Big night in Austin.  As usual.

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