Tuesday, September 21, 2010

JIMMY LAFAVE at Unplugged at the Grove 9-16-10

What is there to say that you don't always say when Jimmy plays?  Same old great show, once again.  There were a couple of twists.  He had Chip Dolan, a great keyboard player here in town, sit in and he added much, took several solos.  Really sparked the music, I thought.  Secondly, Jimmy added another Bob Dylan cover to his set,  "All Along The Watchtower," only he did it Jimi Hendrix style and John Inmon, his lead guitarist who is GREAT, tore that thing up!  They ended the first set with it and man, everybody was all wound up after that.  Seriously killer version!  Other than that, we got our usual wonderful dose of Jimmy LaFave blues, ballads and Bob D. covers we've come to expect.  I don't believe we heard any new songs from Jimmy.  I'm sure they're coming at some point soon.

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