Sunday, September 12, 2010

PAUL THORN at Unplugged at the Grove 9-2-10

A wild night this one was.  Love Paul Thorn.  Exciting to see him at Shady Grove in a free show.  They started about 8:15pm and no sooner did they start and it started raining.  Never stopped.  But, Paul is a trooper.  He was rocking us up and down.  There was a very drunk woman who was interested in dancing right in front of the stage.  Problem was, the stage is so small, Paul had his guitar rack, which held 3 of his guitars, right in front of the stage where drunk girl was trying to stay on her feet while dancing.  Plus, it was seriously pouring buckets of rain.  He finally had to call security to get her out.  I think that was a first for me at Unplugged, security having to be called from the stage.  But the chick was so hammered, she fell onto the stage!  Shortly after that, it started lightning so they ended up stopping the show after he had played maybe an hour.  So, it wasn't the best of circumstances but I'll take Paul and his band for an hour any time I can.

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