Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SHELLEY KING with Special Guests The SUBDUDES at Saxon Pub 11-14-09

This was the highly anticipated Austin cd release show for Shelley's new record called "Welcome Home" which was released on the 10th. First off, the new record is GREAT, from beginning to end.
I was almost afraid this concert would be a letdown because I was so wound up about it. Turns out, I had no worries. It was a tremendous afternoon of music. Yes, afternoon. A 3pm matinee show. That was something quite different and I must say, leaving a bar at 6pm on a Saturday evening, half in the bag, is not a feeling I'm used to! It was sort of like, now what? Well, I guess we are getting a little smarter. We went home.
Back to the concert. Shelley had her full band and these folks are so good. Really suit her style, I think. Marvin Dykhuis on lead guitar, Perry Drake on drums, Sarah Brown on bass and Chip Dolan on keys.
They spent the first set playing only songs off of "Welcome Home." You know a record is good when they can play it like that, no old & trusted stuff thrown in, and they keep the crowd. That's how good this new material is. Everybody was into the show from the start with "Everything's All Right" through the end of the set which was spectacular. The show was about 40 minutes along when Shelley announced some special guests in the house and up came the 3 Subdudes she made the album with! They played a show the night before at Antone's so it worked out perfectly for them to show up to this. I hadn't seen The Subdudes in probably 10 years. Back in Chicago in a sold out 4000 seat theater. To see them in this small room was beyond cool. This really brought the show up another notch. They kicked off the first of three songs together with "I Remember" which got everybody going big time. Then they did the radio hit "Summer Wine" and ended with a kid you not, stunning "Welcome Home." The voices on that song are off the charts. You feel like you are at a revival in the middle of St. Louis Cemetary. The Subdudes do some serious howling on this one.
At this point they took a break, signed cds and stuff outside for about 45 minutes to an hour. Afterward, the band and Shelley came back for another hour or so and played a wide variety of her songs! I tell you, everybody had so much fun. This was a great time.
Another cool thing, pizza was provided for all and she asked fans to bring a potluck dish to share so it gave the whole thing a nice, homey atmosphere. What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon!
$7 or $8 cover, I can't remember. Bargain of the month.
I took 5 videos including "Welcome Home" which you can see here:

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