Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MUSIC in the KITCHEN Panel Discussion and Book Signing 10-31-09

Not really a live music event but worth writing about as it was a very cool, only in Austin, musical experience. It took place at the Texas Book Festival, an annual event held on the grounds of the Capitol building in downtown Austin.
A new cook book has just come out called "Music in the Kitchen." It's by Glenda Pierce Facemire, makeup artist and stylist for the PBS television series Austin City Limits. She gathered favorite recipes from some 130+ musicians who have appeared on the show over the last 35 years! It's a blast! You have recipe names like Drunken Baby Carrots from the Drive-By Truckers. And it's not just recipes. The book is filled with pictures of the artists by the show staff photographer, Scott Newton. And, many of the musicians have comments about the recipes, the show,'s great fun!
The book has one dedication: to the fans
At this event, not only did you have the author but also Terry Lickona, producer of Austin City Limits, Marcia Ball and Kevin Welch who both have recipes in the book and Shelley King, 2008 Official State of Texas Musician!
All gathered to discuss the book, the series, food and the difficulties of finding good food on the road. All kinds of things came up. It was very interesting. Many entertaining stories were told.
And there was a some live music. Shelley King led Marcia, Kevin and the crowd in a sing-a-long of Hank Williams's "Hey Good Lookin'." You know the tune, "hey good lookin,' whatcha got cookin'?" That was a perfect way to end the session.
Afterward, I got to chat with Terry Lickona. I had a couple of questions and figured when would I ever get the chance to talk to this man again??? He was very nice and gave me detailed answers. Could've listened to him for hours.
Lastly, got everybody on the panel to autograph the book. Now, it will be fun to take it to some shows and have the musician sign their recipe page.

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