Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CAROLYN WONDERLAND at Saxon Pub 10-29-09

What can you say? Getting to see this trio in a small room is a luxury these days, for sure.
I believe she can overwhelm any size venue but when you are sitting right on top of her, in a small space, WOW! You sit there with your mouth open all night while she just tears it up. It never ceases to amaze.
Her guitar playing and singing are bigger than life itself. You throw in some trumpet, mandolin, along with the blistering lap steel and it is a heckuva show to see/hear. Not to mention, her drummer, Michael Lefkowitz, looks like he’s in a trance when he’s playing, very fun to watch, head bobbing every which way. Then you have Cole El-Saleh on keyboards along with bass. That is pretty cool to see, with his right hand playing piano and/or organ while his left is wailing away on the bass.
They tour nationally as well as parts of Europe so shame, shame, shame on you if they come anywhere near and you don’t go.
We got about an 1½ show and it roared all the way through. Did get to hear several new songs as they are currently recording for a new record. Guessing we’ll have something in 2010.
Seriously, she is the real deal. I would say on any given night in Austin, we have a ton of choices for live music. The only time there is no issue over who to go see is when Carolyn’s playing.
$15 cover

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