Sunday, November 8, 2009

SHELLEY KING at Southpark Meadows 11-1-09

Here's the deal. It was a free show outside on a beautiful Sunday afternoon so why wouldn't we go see Shelley King? It's football season and you can pretty much shoot a cannon through these streets in Texas and not hit anybody but I'm a Bears fan while Linda is a Patriots fan and neither of those teams were on tv (in my case, I'm grateful I don't have to suffer through watching the Bears this season).
So, we headed to Southpark Meadows which is a strip center on the far south side of Austin. They have a little area set up for concerts and during the summer, I believe, have a show every Friday evening. On this Sunday they were having an artist play every hour and taping it so they can put out a cd of all the musicians who had played there this past summer (I think). We went, had a beer and listened to Shelley, along with her band (except a different lead guitarist). She sounded great, as always. Everyone in this town is pretty excited about her new record which is coming out this Tuesday! It's called "Welcome Home." Early critics are hailing it as GREAT! She will be doing a cd release show at Waterloo Records on Tuesday and a Saxon Pub release show on Saturday. Looking forward to both!

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