Thursday, November 12, 2009

SHELLEY KING at Waterloo Records 11-10-09

This was a fun time. These Waterloo performances are usually short and sweet. They generally happen when there is a new record being released and that was the case on this day. Many in Austin have been waiting for this album and it finally came out! Shelley made this with 3 members of the Subdudes and we've been hearing much of it the past several months live, plus the single which KGSR has been playing called "Summer Wine." The cd is called "Welcome Home."
Shelley had Marvin Dykhuis(lead guitar)and Chip Dolan(keyboards)with her at Waterloo. She did about a 45 minute set and played at least 6 songs off of the new record.
As alway with these Waterloo shows, no cover and free beer!
It was a nice warm up to what is going to take place this weekend at Saxon Pub. She will do a cd release show there with her full band and special guests are being mentioned. We all think it will be the Subdudes! It is sure to be a time!
I have listened to "Welcome Home" all the way through about 3 times now. It is GREAT! One of those that is good from beginning to end. God, do the Subdudes ever fit her on this material. The song "Welcome Home" is jaw dropping, to say the least.
Anyway, more to report after this Saturday!

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