Saturday, March 13, 2010

SARAH BETTENS at Cactus Cafe 2-27-10

Went to this show without really knowing who she was. We were on the campus already for a basketball game and decided well, if she's playing the Cactus, she's got to be good.
She was spellbinding. A smoky, yet soft, voice. Great melodies. A real pleasure to listen to. Originally from Belgium, I think.
It wasn't until she said here's an old one you'll recognize and played "Not an Addict" that I realized who she was, the lead singer of K's Choice.
Anyway, I loved her in an acoustic setting. Gotta buy some of her music. Short of cash the night of the show and they didn't take credit cards for merch.
I believe admission was $15. Well worth it.

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