Saturday, March 13, 2010

ELIZABETH WILLS at Cactus Cafe 3-9-10

This was a cd release show for "Love Comes Home." Came out about a month ago. Really good. This show was the first time I've seen her with a band. I think the guy on lead guitar is named Brad Thompson. He was terrific with one heckuva soulful voice. Brad Houser was on drums. He plays with Guy Forsyth and is fantastic. The producer of her record, Mark Hallman, played bass.
The show was 2 sets, with a ton of material from the new cd. Also, because we're in Austin, we got to have all of the additional singers from the album show up to sing at this show. We're talking Sara Hickman, Shelley King, Susan Gibson and BettySoo! A real highlight was all of them, except Sara, together as the choir for "Million Angels." Gave ya goosebumps.
Elizabeth also had some nice interaction with the crowd, opening up and telling a few personal stories, including one before she played Joni Mitchell's "Clouds." The short version is she grew up with Joni Mitchell, thanks to her dad. As a little girl, she was terrified of storms. When she heard "Clouds" it made her feel not alone anymore. Said it was the first time she realized music could save her. These are the moments you can't experience just listening to a record and part of what I love about the live experience.
A great crowd on this night and a terrific show. No cover charge.

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