Saturday, March 13, 2010

BETTYSOO at Momo's 3-3 and 3-10-10

BettySoo and her band, I guess they have a name now, Willing Company(!), are playing a weekly set on Wednesdays in March, at Momo's. Currently, she has 2 lead guitar players, Jeff Plankenhorn and Will Sexton.
The 3-3 show was a run of the mill show. Good, as always. The 3-10 show, on the other hand, was pretty great! The material from one week to the other wasn't noticeably different, but the playing sure was. The band had punch this week. About the only way I know how to describe it. I tell ya, people think BettySoo is this little folk singer (and she is!), but there is a lot more to her than that. If you haven't seen her rockin' with the band, you are missing out! She and these boys play.
Another nice treat was Ben Mallott joining her for Gram Parson's "Return of the Grievous Angel."
$7 cover, a bargain.
Almost forgot the best part of the show! BettySoo brought a couple of people up from Denmark who are here for a couple of weeks at the House of Songs. This is a place in Austin where the Danes come over and collaborate with Austin songwriters. They also play some clubs, too. So, that day BettySoo had been at the House of Songs and together with this couple wrote a song and they played it that night! It was a catchy country tune which sounded great, even at the end when they didn't know how to stop it and it just fell apart! I tell ya, that's what is cool about being here. You get to witness these collaborations, hear songs the day they were born! That stuff doesn't happen everywhere.

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