Monday, March 15, 2010

RAUL MALO at KLRU Pledge Drive, Austin City Limits Studio 3-13-10

This was a first for me. KLRU tweeted a free show during their pledge drive, just rsvp to get in, so we did. It was called Texas Music Extravaganza. What it ended up being was clips of the history of Doug Sahm which they were showing live on tv, interspersed with an occasional song from Raul Malo. So, we sat there for 2 1/2 hours to hear 3 live songs and spent the rest of the time watching a big screen of the Doug Sahm show. They had Shawn Sahm and Augie Myers there but neither performed. Everybody I talked to thought they would be performing, also. It was different. Not sure I'd go back for 3 songs again, even with the free beer they provided! I think it served the station well as a backdrop for their pledge drive so, what the heck, it was a good cause.
Raul had The Trisha's with him to sing harmony. It was low key but he was good, as always. What a voice!
Afterward, a group came out, young guys, called the Adam Aguilar Band. They were terrific! Only played 2 songs, got the crowd hopping and then it was over! I will look for these guys. They were good! Had that whole TexMex rock sound going.

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Shelley said...

Bummer about not being able to see more live music. Sounds like they could have really had a great show with all the musicians that were there and didn't even play. Saw the show on TV and wish I could have seen this band that played after the show (not on TV) as well...they sound like they were great.