Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SHELLEY KING at Unplugged at the Grove 7-30-09

This show took me by surprise. Maybe because I've never seen Shelley with her own band. I've always seen her solo or with Carolyn Wonderland.
This show, and I only saw the first 50 minutes of it, was the highlight of my music summer, so far! Blew me away. Talk about joy.
First of all, if you aren't familiar with her music, better go straight away to her myspace page and listen:


She has a new record coming out in the fall, we hope. It was made with the Subdudes and the first single from it, "Summer Wine," is killer! The perfect summer song, seriously. It is getting a lot of airplay in the Austin area.
Anyway, back to the show. What a band! They played honky tonks, shuffles, blues, rock, pretty ballads. They did it all. She has a great voice and such a warm personality on stage. I tell ya, I had a grin on my face the entire time and people were up dancing from the beginning. Very unusual at Shady. I did get a good video of "Summer Wine" which you can view here:


I had to leave after the first hour as I made a promise to be at another show which was across the street at 9pm. Killed me to leave! Heard they played another 45 minutes and did nothing but pick up more steam! Dang.

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