Friday, August 21, 2009

BRUCE ROBISON at Unplugged at the Grove 8-13-09

Saw Bruce 2 weeks ago at the Cactus but still looked forward to this show just as much. Different vibes and it’s all good.
He had most of the band, lead, bass, steel & drums with him. The only person missing was Sweeney on keys.
The cool thing about an Austin show is there is always the chance his wife, Kelly Willis, might show up and sing a few, too. Sure enough, Kelly and their 4 kids rolled in about an hour before show time.
Bruce kicked the show off with a rollicking, brand new song called “Born To Roll.” This is a vintage Robison song about being on the road and it is catchy! When the record comes out, Rodney Crowell will be singing on it with him.
He did a great 1 1/2 hour set with many of his classics: Travelin’ Soldier,” “Lifeline,” “The Good Life,” “California 85,” “She Don’t Care,” “Rayne, Louisiana,” “Desperately,” “My Brother and Me,” and “Wrapped.”
We also got another new song called “The New Me.”
He brought Kelly up early in the set and they did 2 songs together: “Angry All The Time” and “I’ll Go To My Grave Loving You.” It is always so much fun when they sing together. God, what a voice she has! Never ceases to amaze me.
So, I have heard 3 unreleased songs in the last 2 weeks from Bruce and they are all sounding really good. Have no idea when his next record is coming out but I know I’ll be buying it straight away!
Got some nice videos from this night including the 2 with Kelly, the 2 new songs and also “Lifeline.”


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