Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ELIZA GILKYSON at Scholz Beer Garten 8-5-09

A rare treat these days, getting to see Eliza. Let alone for free.
It was hot as could be, over 100, but nobody seemed to care. The place was packed.
We got a full band show. Nothing new, just your basic, great Eliza singing her basic, great songs. We got several of my favorites: "Not Lonely," "Emerald Street," "Runaway Train," "Wildewood Spring," "The Party's Over," "Dark Side Of Town," "Think About You."
Eliza was more chatty with the audience than I've seen her previously. Joking about the hot weather and such. She is recently back from a tour of Europe where the high was in the 60's every day.
The show consisted of 2 sets and lasted until 10pm. It started at 7:30. The crowd demanded an encore so she came back for the "die hards," as she referred to us.
Just a wonderful night of great music, as always, with Eliza.

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