Monday, December 7, 2009

ROSANNE CASH at Waterloo Records 12-5-09

How lucky are we to be here in Austin? Saturday morning, 11am and we're at Waterloo Records standing 4 feet away from Rosanne Cash and John Leventhal. They were in town for a performance at the KGSR 19th anniversary concert which would be later that evening. So, why not a little free, in-store to promote her new album "The List?"
They played about a 1/2 hour and then signed for everybody who wanted something autographed and believe me, the line was very long.
We got to hear from "The List" the following: "I'm Movin' On," "Sea of Heartbreak," "Long Black Veil," and "Girl from the North Country." She also did "What We Really Want" which was a special request from Jody Denberg. He is, I mean was, boy, that is hard to say, the heart and soul of KGSR but this was to be his last day at the station. He was at the in-store and Rosanne asked him what he'd like to hear. They finished with "Seven Year Ache."
Not great enough that we got to hear Rosanne in an intimate, free form like Waterloo but also having John Leventhal (her husband) play with her was really cool. He produced "The List" and is a great guitarist, period. He's produced the best Shawn Colvin records, also.
I had to take a picture of the store owner, John Kunz, introducing Rosanne and John. Loved his having on the Cash shirt!
Oh yes, I got a pretty good video of their opening number, "I'm Movin' On." See it here:

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