Friday, December 4, 2009

BAND OF HEATHENS at Momo’s 11-27-09

This was a 4th anniversary show. The band got it's start at Momo's. Turns out they each had separate gigs at the club, started sitting in with each other and from those beginnings as a band to 4 years later appearing on the tv show Austin City Limits. Pretty cool!
I love their country rocking sound, harmonies, killer melodies. But I've never bothered to know their names or differentiate between the styles the 3 ring leaders have. For some reason, on this night, a light went off and I sat there marveling at how talented each is, both vocally and instrumentally.
You have 3 very distinct voices. Colin has that gravelly, soulful, smoke 'em if ya got 'em sound, Ed is high pitched, kind of in your face (in a good way, you know, he kind of makes you sit up straight and pay attention) and Gordy has a really nice tenor you could listen to for hours on end.
Previously, I had fixated on Colin as the guitar player of the 3 but I see now each can take the lead and run with it. How I was oblivious to this before is beyond me.
It strikes me more than ever now that it must be a delicate balance to have that much talent in one band and not have egos take over. They seem to handle it all well and share the wealth. I hope it continues because they make great music together.
It was a tremendous show, well over 2 hours with many special guests including Guy Forsyth, Seth Walker and Warren Hood. The joint was packed to the rafters and they pretty much blew the place apart. It was just a fun, fun night of Austin music at its best.
A former, original member of the Heathens opened the show. His name is Brian Keane and he has a killer band including Rachel Loy on bass/harmony vocal and a very animated drummer who is a blast to watch. First time seeing Brian but I liked him and will look to go see more of him. Will also check out Rachel Loy.
I took several videos but the one I like best is "Jenny Was A Keeper" with Guy Forsyth wailing on harmonica. See it here:

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