Friday, December 4, 2009

BELLEVILLE OUTFIT at Gruene Hall 11-22-09

This will be short & sweet as I only saw their first set. Down at Gruene Hall for a friend's birthday gathering.
Had only seen this band once before and thought they were terrific. In the year plus since I'd seen them, nothing has changed. They are great! Truly unique sound. Take swing, country, jazz, big band, roots, bebop, mix it all up and out pops these folks.
They are fun to watch, also. The keyboard player, Connor Forsyth, with his curly hair flopping, bounces all over his seat. The 2 front people, Phoebe Hunt (violin) and Rob Teter (acoustic guitar), are very expressive.
It was far too short a time to hear them.
No cover. Sunday afternoons are free at Gruene.


Anonymous said...

free audio downloads of some of the Belleville Outfits' live shows are now on

shsscar said...

free audio downloads of some of the Belleville's live shows are now on