Sunday, April 4, 2010

SXSW 2010 Thursday 3-17 Day Shows

Big mistake made on this day. There were a ton of great day shows at some of our favorite places to go hear music. Instead, we opted for the Speakeasy downtown, a free show put on by some music industry business. We went because, of all people, Shelby Lynne would be performing. I absolutely love Shelby. She has a brand new record coming out so there was no way I could resist this. Live and learn. This place was packed with people who were there for the free drinks and free food. It was loud, nobody listening to the performers except those of us right up front. It just wasn't a good listening experience. Lots of drunks.
The first one up when we got there was Mishka. I like him and he was fun to listen to. The big deal though, was Mathew McConaughey there to introduce him and then stand on the floor with the rest of us drinking a beer and bopping to the reggae.
Then came Harper Simon, Paul's son. Terrible place to try and listen to him. Not the atmosphere for the serious singer/songwriter.
BoDeans were up next. They put on a great rocking show. A lot of fun.
Next came Athlete. Didn't have a clue who this was. An English guy we thought was fantastic! Even in this lousy venue his talent was obvious.
Then came Shelby. By herself. The new record is stripped down. So disappointing to hear someone of her caliber in this barroom full of drunks. Loved seeing her but definitely look forward to when she comes back in May for a real show at a great venue.

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