Monday, April 5, 2010

BETTYSOO and JENNY REYNOLDS at Momo's 3-31-10

Decided to hit this show as both were supposed to play some new music.  Got there in the middle of Jenny's set.  We did hear one new song and it sounded really good.  The music, words, rhythm...Linda and I looked at each other mid-song and  pretty much said the same thing "I love it."  Jenny had the great Scrappy Jud Newcomb on lead guitar and Guy Forsyth's rhythm section, Will Landin on bass along with Rob Hooper on drums.  Good set. Hadn't heard her in a while.
BettySoo played a few new songs and they were also pretty great.  One she said was just finished the day before.  Maybe it was Plank (Jeff Plankenhorn on lead guitar) but his playing on it gave it a real groove thing.  It was really good.
So, for $5 we were treated to 2 singer/songwriters working out new material.  Fun night.

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