Monday, September 14, 2009

BETTYSOO and SHELLEY KING at Scholz 9-9-09

Had just returned to Austin on this day from a week's vacation and couldn't think of a better way to get back into the Austin vibe than going out to this show. A double bill featuring 2 of the best this town has to offer. And that is saying a lot.
BettySoo was up first and this was a full band show. I can't really continue to write much about BettySoo because I've seen her so often lately I'll just end up repeating myself. Suffice to say, I don't get tired of going to see her, solo or with the band, ever. Her songs don't get old, and if she chats it up between songs, it's always funny, witty stuff. Something I may not have talked about before is that when she does covers, they are knock outs and we got a great, new one tonight. The song is called "What Do You Want From Me Now?" and was written by a fellow named Ralston Bowles. It's just a brutally, beautiful song. Anybody who writes that great of a song, I need to check out! In fact, I just took 5 minutes and ordered the cd that song comes from, "Rally at the Texas Hotel." Anyway, BettySoo and the band play the heck out of it. She needs to record it. You can see it here:

Next up was Shelley King with her band. I enjoyed her as much as ever. She and this band sound so good. Whether it's a shuffle, honky tonk, bluesy, swampy thing, doesn't matter. Your toes are tapping. She puts on a fun rocking show. She's written a number of great songs and we got to hear several: "Call of My Heart," "Texas Blue Moon," "Running Out of Blue," "One Way Ticket to Austin," and of course her great new single "Summer Wine."
This was part of a free series held every Wednesday during the summer in the beer garden at Scholz.

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