Tuesday, July 7, 2009

FIRECRACKER WOMEN at Cactus Cafe 7-2-09

This was a show with BettySoo, Jess Klein, Sara Hickman, Elizabeth Wills, Kristin DeWitt and Carrie Elkin. They each did 4 or 5 songs, sometimes solo, sometimes with help from one or more of the other firecracker women. : ) Backing up the ladies were Mail Man Dave on drums and Richard Bowden on violin. This guy on violin was great. He really added a depth to all of the music played.
What a fun night. Lasted close to 3 hours. I had never seen Sara Hickman, Kristin DeWitt or Carrie Elkin. So, just what I need. More new music in my life!
I believe Sara and Kristin perform often together. Kristin has a killer voice and I mean she belts it. Sara's young, teenage daughter also got up and sang a song with her. It was a sweet moment and the daughter definitely inherited her mom's genes.
The more I hear Jess Klein the more I think oh man, she is so good. Soulful, soulful.
Getting to know Elizabeth's music better, also and liking it much.
Carrie, first time ever heard so all I can say is I would like to hear more, for sure.
BettySoo, of course, is always great to hear live. Always go if I can when she is playing in Austin.
Highlight of the night was a duet with Sara and Kristen. Sara asked if we wanted a rocker or a slow one. Someone yelled rocker. Amen. I don't know what the song was but those two just wailed on it. Smokin' Brought the house down.
Speaking of the house, a small crowd. Disappointing, I'd say. It's tough around here. You had Del Castillo at Unplugged at the Grove or Alejandro Escovedo at La Zona Rosa, to name a few. Too many options on this night, I guess. When it comes to tough choices like this I tend to go for the more rare thing. Don't know when we'll see something like this again, all that talent in one room. Love the collaborations and camaraderie. You can't get that every night.

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