Friday, April 13, 2012

MERLE HAGGARD 75TH BIRTHDAY BASH at Threadgill's 4-6-12

I've been to a few of these roundups that ASG, Austin Songwriters Group, puts on occasionally.  They are always a ton of fun.
They get a house band together and invite various local musicians to perform a Merle Haggard song.  Since we're in Austin, that house band and those musicians are first class.  The 2 lead guitarists in this group, Red Volkaert and Joe Manuel, both played in Merle's band as did the pianist, Floyd Domino.  They had Marvin Dykhuis on acoustic guitar and he is one of my favorites around here.  Don't ask me who the drummer or bass player was.  They were there but I don't remember the names.  They are always overlooked, aren't they?
It was a gorgeous night to be sitting outside listening to music so we took my mom and stayed for the first set.  By then, my mom's butt had had enough of the hard seat.
We got to hear probably 10 different artists come up and play/sing a song.  Charlie Faye and Will Sexton did a song together and really sounded great.  Another person who came up, Tracie Lynn, while I'd heard the name, I hadn't heard her sing.  Liked her a lot and will try to get to one of her shows.  Also heard Danny Britt for the first time and he was real good.
Would've loved to stay for the 2nd set but still, it was nice to be out listening to that great group of musicians wing it and hear all those terrific Merle Haggard songs for about an hour and fifteen minutes.
There was no cover, believe it or not.  Had a tip jar out.  Sure hope all ponied up.  They sure deserved it.

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