Tuesday, February 9, 2010

PORTERDAVIS at Saxon Pub 2-5-10

Hadn't seen these guys since last summer for their cd release show which was also held at the Saxon.
3 white boys who are a killer blues band.
It's worth the price of admission to sit and watch the percussionist, Mike Meadows. He plays a Black Swan, among other things. See photo above. He sits on that and plays sticks, brushes, hands, tambourine, you name it, he makes a sound out of it.
Simon Wallace on harmonica doesn't sound like anyone else. I sometimes get bored with harmonica and think enough is enough. Not with this guy. He's great!
Daniel Barrett is on guitar and lead vocals. He does the biggest share of singing and has a voice made for the type of bluesy/rootsy stuff they do.
All 3 guys sing though and when they harmonize, it is really, really good.
On this night they had Gurf Morlix sit in on a few songs (produced their latest record) and he also played one of his own. This was a fun night. Later, Leeann Atherton got up and belted out a couple of numbers with them. She was meant to sing the blues and God, she was terrific on their songs. We all said we would have loved to have heard more of her with them. That final spice to the mix, I guess. Anyway, it was a great couple of hours and they brought the house down. $10 cover. Can't beat it no way, no how.

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